Our Story

We Aussies are a fairly happy-go-lucky bunch.

We’re not sure why. Maybe it’s all that sun. Maybe it’s the pristine blue waters and endless sky. Whatever the reason, sometimes even we need a little help to fix the smile on our faces.

Fortunately, we live in a place that’s been blessed by Mother Nature with an abundance of unique, native botanicals from which we can find all the help we could ever need to sleep better, breathe easier, feel more energised, less stressed, less anxious…

You get the idea. And we got one too.

It was to create a range of products that would bring the smells and wellbeing benefits of the Australian reef, beach and bush into peoples’ homes, helping them to feel the feel-good.

So, welcome to ‘South of Somewhere’. A place for you to find your happy wherever and whatever that may be.