Our Process

From field to feel-good in five steps

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Our crops of native plants are exclusively grown on Australian family-owned farms: some come from sustainably managed plantations, others from wild-harvested plants.


Our farmers use their knowledge of native plants to select the right time of year and the best harvesting technique, to yield the highest quality oils. This may be sustainably harvesting oils from their sustainably managed plantations, or hand-cutting them from carefully selected wild-harvested plants.


Once our leaf is harvested it goes straight into bins (the good kind!) ready to be steam distilled or cold pressed depending on which method will best ensure the purity, potency and quality of each particular oil is protected. We never use chemicals or solvents in the extraction process. Ever.


All our oils go through Native Oils Australia’s ‘Clean and Pure Quality Assurance Program’, to ensure the highest standards of purity, cleanliness and sustainability are met. This involves encouraging full sustainability and transparency across the production process, thorough pesticide residue testing, and submitting all product sourcing to rigorous reviews to ensure full purity.


Finally, our oils are taken straight off the still to be naturally filtered and filled into recycled bottles, meaning they arrive at your door with maximum freshness and minimum impact on the environment.