Our Ingredients

Lavender Oil from Tassie. White Cypress Wood Oil from Dubbo. Kunzea Oil from Flinders Island.

We certainly clock up the kilometers to bring you the highest quality native Australian oils. So, when you open and diffuse our oils, you can be sure that what your smelling are the true scents of our great outdoors.

You see, native Australian essential oils have unique aromas - they’re fresh, herbaceous, warm, clean and bright. And here’s the clever part! These aromas actually serve as their natural defence systems against disease and pest infestations: think of it as nature’s very own suit of armour.

What this means is many Australian native plants are grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals, and therefore remain pure and clean. And this is the reason why many Australian oils are reported to have greater health and anti-bacterial benefits than many non-Australian oils.

So, when you experience ‘South of Somewhere’ essential oils, you can be sure you are bringing the authentic aromas of Australia’s native plants and their many remedial health benefits, into your home.